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Rewarding loyalty is the easiest way to keep your customers coming back

The mission

Customers today have an ever-growing choice of vendors to choose from, which makes competition harder and retention more difficult. Keeping your customers happy and active will significantly lower the risk of losing them, and will keep you on top of your game.
But it isn’t as simple as it sounds, otherwise everyone would be doing it, right?
This is why our mission is to make customer retention and loyalty easy.

From rewarding your customers, thanking them for their patience with a support issue or remembering them on their birthday or after a good meeting; .loyalty does it all through a simple web UI that is set-up in minutes.

All communication is fast and efficient as we use high-end text message providers and powerful e-mail engines, so that you can reach any customer, anywhere at any time.
With integrations towards CRM-systems such as SalesForce, managing customer loyalty has never been easier or faster.

.loyalty - Loyalty is our domain

What is .loyalty?

.loyalty makes it possible to reward your customers by sending them a gift of monetary value to their mobile device by text message, or by e-mail.
The idea is to be able to react fast to any kind of customer reward scenario, be it connected to customer loyalty or customer satisfaction. This core feature is surrounded by additional modules to cover all your needs for customer loyalty.


Our web interface is stylish and so easy to use, even a toddler can do it. In fact, it is so simple that you can reward a customer in less than five minutes; including the time it takes to set up an account. Hard to believe? Try our demo and see for yourself here


Use .loyalty purely through our web interface, or integrate it directly into or a number of other customer service platforms.
Need a tailor made integration? No problem, our team of developers will sort you out in a jiffy.


Continuously updated real-time data across all functions assist in controlling cost, measuring rewards and planning ahead. Choose additional statistics depending on your personalised business needs, utilising the power of your own data.

  • Engagement

    Engage your customers by providing them with an option to influence the products and services they use. Simple and effortless customer surveys ranging from simpler NPS scoring, to detailed tailored surveys even aimed at a specific target base.

  • Satisfaction

    Turn that frown upside down by being pro-active with every interaction. Allow customer service agents or managers to quickly compensate customers for any customer service issue.

  • Retention

    Save the ones that might be moving by rewarding them for their loyalty. Powerful statistics assist in finding the prospects that might leave, and calculates the possible loss and gain of each client. *based on optional uploaded metrics.

  • Rewards

    Make sure your customers feel they are your most important asset. Reward them for their business and brighten their day for any reason: birthdays, number of purchases, referrals or for just being awesome. Just like you.

    See how your business can benefit from using .loyalty here


Gifts sent





Smile inducing products

A small selection of our available products.

Kaffe & bulle

Kaffe & bulle - €2.70


Glass - €2.70

SF Biobiljett

SF Biobiljett - €10


Trisslott - €3.20

Kaffe & brownie

Kaffe & brownie - €3.20

Korv & dryck

Korv & dryck - €3.20

Kaffe (7-Eleven)

Kaffe (7-Eleven) - €2.20

Valfritt magasin

Valfritt magasin - €7.20

Amazing Features

Integrated or not, you can utilise the full force of .loyalty every minute of every day. The more data you upload and the more you use .loyalty, the more choices you have to adapt to your customers’ behaviour and your own processes.

Our retention experts will happily tell you more.

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CRM & Support

NPS-scores getting you down?
Turn those frowns upside down; send your customers a thank you for being patient whilst you make sure their case is taken care of, directly through your own CRM-system.

Campaign tools

Want to engage a certain group of customer? Select customers based on your own defined criteria. Create powerful surveys with rewards to peak engagement levels, set-up automated campaigns and much more.


Track reward spending in an instant, set limits for you reward levels, even based on user types. Set flags to track possible over-usage or multiple rewards to the same recipients, based on time and / or value.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts are always ready to assist you in any way possible. We have options for several support features for any need.

Customer satisfaction

We have a full money back guarantee on any monthly subscription if you are not happy after your first 30 days.

White label

Stay on your graphic path; choose to white label .loyalty and even go as far as having it embedded in your domain.

Simple Pricing



Start immediately with a credit card, utilizing our web UI with built-in analytics and support by e-mail.


per month

Pay by invoice and get API/SDK functionality in addition to the web UI, chat support and optional extras.


per month

Add integrations, phone support and custom solutions including a personalized landing page.


per month

Our full-feature package, allowing full white label solutions, powerful surveys, 24/7 support and more.

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