Customer loyalty should be easy

Which is why DotLoyalty was created.
Our mission is simple: To provide a customer loyalty management solution that is  affordable, easy to use, as well as good for your business, customers and the environment.

So how did we do it?

Once we realised that we needed to get away from the old fashioned paper, plastic and business centred solutions (i.e. the consumer needs to show loyalty with cards or other schemes that require work, ugh), we designed a system prepared for encompassing all the solutions needed for the customer loyalty management life cycle, whilst being scalable and affordable.

This way, any business of any size can make sure they take care of their loyal customers, and consumers can feel that they are appreciated for their business. A win-win in every aspect!

Our system is being refined continuously, bringing more AI and features on a regular basis, preparing the world for a new era of customer loyalty management. Sound too good to be true? Just check out our solutions or try the demo and find out.


About DotLoyalty

We’re a team of happy engineers, entrepreneurs and business analysts, ready to take on the world and make for happier customers. What drives us all is knowing that we are creating better and stronger relationships between businesses and customers, thus helping in making products and services better for the consumers in the long run.
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Business information
DotLoyalty is a service produced by Devbox AB, a business with its headquarter in Enskede outside Stockholm in Sweden. We have additional offices in Helsinki and Newark, DE, USA.
VAT nr: SE559105967901